Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Speech Delay Isn't Always A Bad Thing...

  ::Sigh::  So Josiah (5.5yo) has a speech delay which has masked alot of his abilities and inabilities.  Like his SPD.  And his excellent memory.  Apparently Josiah just needs to hear something once in order to repeat it sometime in the near future.  This also means that it only takes one viewing of a movie or show for him to recall phrases or words that he finds humorous.  This skill, however useful and significant, is not always appropriate....Like on our Wal*Mart trip the other day....
    Taking three young children into a store to acquire and purchase items can only be described as "mildly chaotic".  Amber was hanging onto one side of the cart, singing at the top of her lungs (large stage, large audience, who wouldn't??).  Malachi was sitting in the seat in front of me, ready to jump at a moment's notice, and Josiah was hanging off the opposite side of the cart (usually he prefers to lay on the bottom, and "race" a toy car).  I'm not sure what inspired him (competition with Amber, perhaps?), but he started singing the famous "Peanut.... peanut butter...and jelly! song." After the first line, he repeated it: "Peanut...peanut butter....and butt-crack!"
      With no where to hide, and children to tote, I pushed the cart a little faster and pretended I didn't hear it.  I also considered terminating his speech therapy....


  1. *snicker snicker.
    I don't care who you are, that is funny!
    I remember the last time my mom tried taking all of us kids to the store, (6 of us) the middle child, who was at her bratty stage wondered off, and even though us older kids knew she wasn't with us we didn't say anything until the announcement came on over the store! Apparently lil sis wasn't the only brat :)

  2. Well, Michelle, I have news for you, blondie! Yes you 3 children DID do things like this. Remeber when Rob ran away in the lady's store and some lady brought him back.

  3. ::sigh:: Kendra i used to dream of having 5 or 6 kids...but then reality set in once we started procreating ;) and my theory is, if one of kid wander off, that is their fault-one time Amber took off while i was cheking out of a grocery store-she then panicked and ran past our cart, screaming for me...i was laughing, she was not. pandemonium ensued as shoppers were trying to help this poor little girl find her mom....i just may post this story-i thought I had, but couldn't find it....

  4. found it!!! http://lavidadeblondiechell.blogspot.com/2011/09/lost-sheep.html

  5. ...and then there was the time, Mom, where you left me on an elevator....

    1. You wait... you have 3....it may STILL happen to you! lol

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