Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!! To Me!!!

My Goal: To compete in our town's annual FIBArk Hill Climb.

Sanity Level: Beyond Insane

My Secret Weapon: These completely awesome new shoes!!!

This is my mother's day gift to myself. Now, I rarely buy myself new shoes (fashionista I am not-I shamelessly prefer cheap flip-flops and going barefoot), but when I do, I make sure they are on clearance.

          These funky things are a brand new pair of trail running of the latest designs by Vibram FiveFingers. Yes, they look weird. No, I haven't gone crazy. These shoes have been inspired by one of the latest trends (and philosophies) of running- barefoot running. I read about these innovative shoes in a booked called "Born to Run" by Chris McDougal. While reading this book, two things were very clear- 1. Chris believes in evolution; 2. his theory on barefoot running is accurate. Wait....what?? No, I don't believe in evolution, but every time I read the phrases about "how we evolved", I mentally replaced them (library book=no black markering) with phrases like, "the way God made us", and "how God intended". It all made sense..... (learn more about barefoot running:
       However, these shoes cost a bit more than an ordinary pair from, for the past couple of years, I’ve made do with a simple pair of sneakers that had a very thin sole....that I got on clearance for $1.00.
       I finally caved and asked a local outdoor sports retail shop if they would sponsor me (or at least partially) so that I could get the shoes for the FIBArk Hill Climb ( ). They agreed….I and I am now the proud owner of these awesome shoes!!! Just think of all the crazy trails I can confidently explore!!!  Well, time for a run....


  1. I want to congratulate you on your new shoes, I know everyone likes them and I even tried some on once and found them very comfortable.
    However... they really make me laugh! Have fun :)

  2. Michelle,

    I have a pair that I use for hiking/ running / walking (mainly).Something to watch out for on Tenderfoot. The rocks are small enough to get caught between the toes and a few of them are very sharp! (you definitely feel them). It takes a little practice on that trail and few of the other more rocky ones in the area.