Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BlondieChell and The Curse of The Black Thumb Part 2

        To those of you who are rooting for our poor, misfortuned tomato plant: THERE IS HOPE!!!! Soon after I posted about my sad little friend, a neighbor came by, asking if I wanted to share a plot in the Poncha Springs Community Garden-I said, "sure!" (Note: I know *nothing* about gardening.)  I saw this as an opportunity (a life-changing event!) for our little tomato plant.  He now has hope-a "real" home in a neighborhood with fellow plants! No longer will he wither in misery!!! He shall wither with hope and company!!!
   Okay, since my last post in this saga, ( Mr. Tomato Plant (we will now call him "Steve" {I had Josiah choose a name...and...Over the Hedge is a favorite movie of his...}) has grown a bit taller, but his poor little leaves seem to be withering...they're turning a light shade of brown... I'm not sure if it's due to a lack of sunlight, or my curse.  We try to make sure he gets enough water on a daily basis, and since he really belongs to Josiah, I have him attempt conversation with Steve (oxygen, CO2 exchange & all that good stuff....).  Hopefully we will soon have him nestled in his new place.  I wonder what kind of housewarming gifts you give a tomato plant??
      Steve has grown on me and now I have hopes and dreams for him (you know-to grow bigger and actually produce a tomato or two).  Stay tuned for what becomes of his future.....

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