Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DAS 2012

   A few weeks ago, our family went to Denver to visit the annual Auto Show.  My first year, I was a naive woman who anticipated random, beautiful cars on display.  I also naively anticipated hubby giving us a walking tour of the different vehicles.  The reality?  It's a new car dealership.
   Just about every single company that makes a car is allotted their own carpeted space in the Denver Convention Center and just about every single model of motorized vehicle that the company makes is there.  On the carpet.  Just like at a dealership.  Only these are all indoors and you don't have to worry about a sales associate approaching you if you touch one.
    New car smell? I can appreciate that.  Do I want to smell that all day? No.  Do I want to stick my head inside different cars all day just to smell that fragrance? No.  Last year I was super-duper preggers with our latest child and so hubby took Josiah.  This time, I had no excuses.  So, I went.
    Camera in hand, I kept myself occupied with taking pictures of the kids inside the trunks of the vehicles.  My theory is that you should always make sure you have enough trunk space for a dead body.  You just never know when one will show up.  Or two.  So, here are some shots:

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