Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Bombing

   I haven't posted in a while because apparently I've been working on the latest shopping trend.  Yes, I, BlondieChell am a trendsetter.
    I have a few friends who participate in the activity of "yarn bombing" (basically they crochet/knit something and then place it on a public fixture).  While this seems like a wonderfully fulfilling activity, my crochet skills are not advanced enough for me to attempt this.
    So, I created an alternative- Baby Bombing.  This is not as deadly or dangerous as it sounds.  I tried it out today-we were shopping and ran across a friend....long story short, I took our baby and placed him in our friend's cart, then left......and hid......and hid.....he eventually gave up and gave the baby back to hubby.
    And so created the latest shopping trend: Baby Bombing.  Just plop your baby in someone else's cart and take off.  If you don't have a baby, use a child withing arm's length.  Child Bombing.  Its just that simple....
   You are welcome.
                                   *Disclaimer: Serious mental issues may develop in participating children and unsuspecting adults.  Do not attempt with children you do not own, or adults you do not know.  Significant therapy costs may accrue.

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