Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How You Know You're A Mom Of 3 (Or More)

How You Know You're A Mom of 3 (or more):
 1. One of your kids has smashed-up Pop-tart in his hair and instead of removing it, you see it as an opportunity for "snack time".
2. You're actually considering letting your youngest wear his older sister's pink snowpants next winter.
3. You're still using a "Baby's First Christmas" bib from your oldest child....in March....
4. You're version of "peace and quiet" involves multiple rolls of duct tape.
5. You've memorized (against your will) all the lyrics (and tunes) to the popular kid's shows...and you've started writing alternate scripts ("No....Dora should go through the jungle, not over the bridge!  She could fall off and into the water.....Not safe....")
6. Nosebleed? Eh...you'll be ok... Slice your finger? Eh....you'll be ok.... Head falling off?? Maybe I'll give you a band aid....
7. Why pay to go to the circus when you haul one around every day?
8. You've discovered a million and one uses for baby wipes....so many, that you are starting to sound like Adrienne Monk ("Wipe....wipe....wipe!")
9. You don't think twice about drinking out of a sippy cup.
10. You think of hilarious lists instead of actually cleaning your house.....

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