Monday, March 12, 2012

Favoritism? Or Victim of Opportunity?

      So, I've noticed that most posts seem to be about my daughter.   I do not appologize for this.  I've discovered that it is not because I favor her, but because she tends to do the most accidentally humourous things.  Like the way she keeps hitting her face just below her eye on her left side. 
   After conferring with my friend (she's working on her ECE degree, plus had multiple children of her own), we've noticed that most kids (babies, actually) have a certain spot on their head that they usually hit when they fall.  Sometimes, this causes their skull to form a callous.  (I have no idea how this works.  We are going off of information from her child's doctor....)
     Amber seems to be forming this callous just below her left eye.  Her first injury on this location happened right before her third birthday.  Right before it fully healed, she hit it again.  And she keeps hitting it.  A week ago she ran into some bleachers after a friend's wrestling meet.  Last night, it was falling off someone's bed.
     I just hope she doesn't make herself blind, because the spot is so close to her eye.  Last night I gave her an impromtu vision test just to make sure she could see ok out of that eye.  So far, so good.
    So, as you read my posts and think about my seemingly partiality, just remeber this one thing about Amber: she is blonder than most.

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