Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dirty Mouth? Clean It Up....Or Not...

   A few days ago, I had one kid cursing like a sailor, and another sanitizing his own mouth...Ok, so that's a bit of an exaggeration on the cursing....
     That morning, I heard what I thought to be a curse word come from Amber's mouth.  Since her language isn't fully developed yet, sometimes what I hear isn't always what she meant to say. So, I asked her what she said.  She repeated it.  Without batting an eye (she may have blinked, though).   Just to verify, I asked her again, giving her a choice of two phrases.  She chose the same word.  I let her know this is not a word we say (and as parents, we don't).
    Onto the "other child"-one would think that an appropriate response to hearing a child say forbidden words would be to cleanse their mouth.  I didn't choose to use this method with Amber this time, because this was her first offense with this word, so I'm sure she didn't know it was a "no-no".  However, I think Malachi must have felt guilty for her, because later that day I observed him happily munching on baby wipes.  He was attempting to shove as many into his mouth as he could.  This too is an unacceptable behavior.  (Have you ever tasted one?? They have a sanitary after-taste that belongs in antibacterial gel bottles.)  And it was still unacceptable when bubbles started flowing out of his mouth. 
    Well, it looks like I have one kid with a potty mouth and another with a mouth that could clean the potty... Orbit gum commercials have nothing on me....(Dirty mouth? Clean it up...)

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