Friday, February 17, 2012

That Is Some Good Chocolate....

   Valentine's day has come and gone, but chocolate remains.  I don't have any stats or real information reguarding the famous delicacy.  Yes. Chocolate is a delicacy.  I'm not talking about a "regular" bar of chocolate, but the "good stuff"....You know, the chocolate that is sooooo good that it is actually a bad idea for you to eat too much of it, so they individually wrap it.  That stuff.
     For Valentine's Day, my hubby gave me a package of such chocolates. Twenty-four pieces in the bag.  In less than twenty-four hours, they were gone. 1,140 calories.  Gone.  The next day, I found my Ghiradelli sample from SheSpeaks in the mail.  Nine more of these wonderful pieces.  However, I managed to find my sanity and saved three for my hubby so I ended up only devouring around 380 calories.
     The new chocolate squares are "Milk & Truffle"~ basically a truffled-chocolate filling inside a barrier of milk chocolate.  How much better can it get?? Chocolate inside chocolate???
      What I really liked about this new line of Ghirardelli squares is the thickness.  Drawing from my experience the day before (24 squares is plenty of chocolate experience), I noticed that the new M&T chocolates are actually thicker than the regular filled delicacies Ghirardelli offers.  Thicker=more chocolate per bite.  Per bag.  Per experience.  I was totally sold on these.
     While the chocolate filling is not gooey like some of the Lindt ball fillings, it was rich and less messy.  Ok, so there was no mess.  I ate the mess.  You know how when you bite into something, you leave crumbs? I ate the crumbs.  I attempted to savor each bite of the six squares, but it was hard.  Needless to say, these were very good and according to the company, they "select only the highest quality cocoa beans".  Whatever the process, it's working for them.  Good job, Ghirardelli!  And....thanks!
Go. Buy. Some.

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