Friday, February 3, 2012

Running Adventures

 On Thanksgiving Day, I went for my own personal "turkey trot" since I had no idea when the local one was.  I was suprised to see a few other people out and about for their personal ones, too.  This one lady was ahead of me on the path and kept glancing back at me.  Then, she picked up her pace.  I wasn't sure if she was running from me, or something behind me, so I just kept running.  Then, she met up with some other lady and they looked at me (in my me....same thing....) and started walking swiftly away.  I politely ignored them and continued my run.
    This winter I decided to run in snow.  The first time I did it, it had just started snowing and since there wasn't much build-up, it was super easy.  A few weeks later, I ran while the snow was packed.  It took way more effort. A week or two after that, I had the opportunity to run in fresh snow (on top of the packed stuff). Apparently, that is even way harder to run in.  And the worst part is, you don't know what's under the fresh stuff.  It just slips away as your feet hit it.  I should know-I landed on it....then, despite the forming bruise, I got back up and kept running ;)

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