Thursday, December 29, 2011

I've Missed A Month....'s been a busy month full of babysitting, caroling, nursing home visits and choir performances.  I sang in a church choir this past fall & just finished up my 3rd season with The Noteables.  Malachi now has 6 teeth & I have discovered a quick and easy holiday treat that I am actually good at making (for those of you who are familiar with my relationship with the kitchen, you know what a big deal that is).
    Even with all the holiday goodies and activities, hubby & I have kept up with our 90-day work-out routine (ok, more like a 120-day program for us....we keep taking extra rest days) and we're close to day number 60.  His goal is to get back into shape, and mine is to find my shape ;)
    The kid's preschool acquired a new teacher & Josiah's behavior has improved since.  Malachi's up and moving around and Amber's bed-time confessionals have become a regular routine for us, though sometimes it's more like a recounting of the day's activities than actually confessing to her sins.
    No major drama happened, and we stayed in CO for Christmas celebrations.

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