Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Five Years Ago....

    Five years ago a little blonde-haired, blue-eyed wonder entered the world, and we called him Josiah.  Five years ago, he couldn't walk, talk or write his name, but now he can do all of that & more!
    These past few years with him have been an interesting journey, but we're pretty confident we have him almost figured out!  Right now he's in his second year of preschool and learning so much! He gets to swim with his speech therapist once a week and he loves riding his bike.  He's a good big brother (with the occasional fighting-tattle-tailing-"you're-not-my-friend" sibling rivalry) who tries his best to entertain Malachi and Amber.
    We are so proud of how far he's come (speech delay, sensory processing disorder, ADHD tendencies....) and we know that he has a long road ahead of him, but he will always be our little boy-the one who loves airplanes and engines...and basically anything with wheels.  He's a stunt-man in training (rides his bike with his feet up & breaks into a skid out of nowhere) and just may join a circus one day.  Our little acrobat used to jump off the top of our love-seat on the matching ottoman with wheels.  He loves entertaining and the vanVeen sense of humor runs in his blood too.
                                                 So look out! Here comes our five-year old!

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