Monday, September 12, 2011

Caught In The Headlights

   Someone should pay me to come up with answers for things.  I think I've figured out why it seems like deer "freeze" when headlights from vehicles shine on them.
    I've done alot of observing of deer on my morning runs (it's just one family) and they've done their fair share of observing me as well.  This morning after I almost ran into one, I realized that deer aren't actually frozen by the bright lights that turn on them.  The reason deer stop moving (and no, I am not a registered wildlife expert) when cars approach is a natural instinct.  See, usually deer are surrounded by nature that they (of course) naturally blend in with.  They freeze whenever an unfamiliar object approaches because they that they are blending in to their surroundings and therefore become invisible. 
   However, we as smarter-than-the-average-deer humans know better.  We can see the deer because as civilization has encroached upon their territory, they have less blendable objects surrounding them.  They, of course do not know this (perhaps they can only see in black & white??).  Maybe I'll let them know one of these days...if they stop running away....

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