Friday, July 15, 2011

Cheating Can Be Refreshing

     So yesterday I did something bad and didn't feel guilty about it.  Sure, I was kind of forced into it, but afterwards, I didn't feel guilty.  I cheated on my husband....well, more like my husband's manual transmission lessons.....
      Yesterday I was going to help our friend mow a yard (he owns his own business).  We took my husbands truck, but instead of making things easy and holding to our time constraints, he insisted that I drive.  For those who have been following the "Jeep Saga" series and my other mentions of my driving lessons, you are aware that I am not capable of driving a stick-shift vehicle very far or for long periods of time (especially since afterwards I am visibly shaken by it).
     Well, it came down to the fact that if I wasn't going to drive, the mowing wasn't going to be accomplished (either that, or he'd pick me up and put me in the driver's seat-he's a big man).  So, we went.  And several times the truck jumped (sooooooo not good for the engine....won't burn the clutch, but not good).  Each time, he laughed.  Usually it's met by complete silence, so it was refreshing to hear the laughter.  But i missed being able to squeeze my husband's hand when I was scared or unsure of what to do.  I miss the gentle encouragement JR gives.
    We ended up stuck at a stop sign.  Not because the truck was out of gas, or I ruined the engine, or the tranny wouldn't work, but because we were on a hill.  I can barely operate the vehicle on level ground, let alone a hill.  After stalling the truck a half a dozen times trying to go past the stop sign, I had to relinquish driving rights.  We eventually made it to our destination safe and sound.

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