Friday, June 17, 2011

I Am NOT Crazy...Ok, So Maybe I Am...But This Morning I Was Not...

   So this morning my friend Mike broke my house...or at least that's what I thought... Earlier this morning our friend Mike rang the doorbell when he dropped a kid off at our place.  After the dinging stopped, a buzzing sound started, which I assumed was the dishwasher ending it's cycle.  But the noise never stopped.  After this realization, I started freaking out.
   The noise seemed to be emanating from one of the walls in the house....I checked the closets on that side of the wall, but the humming sounded like it was coming from within the wall itself!  Moderately panicked, I called my husband's work, but he wasn't there.  Instead I ended up talking to one of his co-workers who said he could hear the humming sound.
   Since our friend Mike is a handyman and has built houses before, I called him.  He couldn't hear the noise, and he asked me how many cups of coffee I'd had.  He thought the buzzing was in my head.
   Slightly less worried (the noise wasn't coming from the water heater or other large metal heating object in the closet), I decided to wait till JR called me back.  Then, I heard the sound of a weed whacker outside which meant the apartment complex maintenance guy was there.  I explained my plight and he came to see what "Crazy Chell" was talking about.  I asked him if he heard the noise, and he said, "No, I hear the dryer".  So I had him put his ear to the wall...and he heard it!!! I wasn't going crazy!!!
   Then, he looked up and pulled a magical white box off the wall, and the humming stopped! Apparently that box was where the doorbell noise emanates.  After cutting a fuse or two and fiddling with the innards of the box, he showed me a square metal thing and told me that it was getting too warm (yeah, like I really know what that means).  Then he said we needed a new doorbell which should arrive next week.
   See? I wasn't going crazy...this time....

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