Saturday, June 4, 2011


  So the other day my children and I were at my friend Christina's house (bff, hubby delivered baby, ect..).  Now, her house has been known to experience some ethereal happenings.  Well, my four-year-old was not listening and earned a trip upstairs to calm himself down and re-evaluate his behavior.  Naturally he was whining about it, so I yelled upstairs for him to be quiet.  Ignoring me, his behavior continued, then  he shouted, "Stop talking!".
   Knowing what I know about her house and the invisible "pharisees" that talk to one of her kids, I panicked.  And instead of wanting to confront the dark forces like a "good Christian" should, I wanted to flee.  Alternatively, I ran into the dark bathroom (and saw a baby doll on the dryer-which reminded me of another "incident" that happened a few months back) and quietly chanted "Your house is creepy. Your house is creepy. Your house is creepy."
   Verbally expressing that phrase calmed me down enough to summon up the courage to leave the not-so-comforting bathroom. I opened the door, intending to calmly walk back into the living room.  Instead, I screamed.
    My friend's husband had entered the house without making a noise, so the unexpected vision must have jolted my adrenaline-infused nerves.  Poor guy- it seems like all I ever do is scream at him.  During my panic attack, Christina (far, far more braver than I) had gone upstairs to ask Josiah who he was talking to.  It turns out that he had been talking to himself...At least I gave my nerves a good work out that day....

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