Tuesday, May 17, 2011

...So I Scream When I Drive...

   Before I outline the details of today's Jeep lesson, I would like you to understand a few things.  I used to be a good driver.  I am still a safe driver, but somewhere in the last few years, I lost all the aggressiveness and courage that it takes to be a good driver.
   I don't know if it was a pregnancy that changed the way I drive, being in a small town with little traffic, or not driving much.  It could be a combination of all three factors...who knows?  All I know is that I used to drive I95 at a rate slightly above the speed limit (ok, ok, I did hit 90mph once) and now I freak out when a another car comes within 20 feet of the vehicle I'm in.  I've asked my husband & bff to verbally correct me now when I drive since some of the things I've learned seem to have gone out the window.
   My depth perception is a bit off too, so I need help recalibrating it.  The first time I screamed while driving (that I can remember anyways) happened on a trip to Denver (3 hours away).  You try driving through mountain passes with no guard rail and a 100 ft drop for the first time without screaming.  I dare you.  My most recent screaming-while-driving incident happened today as I came across a dead deer.  I am no stranger to dead deer on the highway.  We see them a lot out here in Colorado (live ones too).  However, this dead deer as lying mangled on one side of the road, with his entrails lying on the other, and connecting them was a really wide blood smear.  Ewwwww...
   I am not exactly sure why I scream (its more of a "aaaah! aaaah!" yell than a scream) when I drive.  I just do.  I guess my mind panics so much that the only release is through my vocal cords.  Oh, well....I'll just start keeping a stash of earplugs under the passenger seat.

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  1. You've got me laughing again. Your blog posts are so much fun! Thanks!