Saturday, May 21, 2011

My New 'Blades!!!

   Morning Reflections:  I love rollerblading.  I snagged  a "new" pair at a yard sale last week, but the weather hasn't been nice enough (in the early a.m. anyways) for me to try them out.  The sky is formidable this morning, and it's windy, but I don't think I can wait any longer. 
   My old pair I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago, but I didn't realize until after I had cleaned them (they were covered in a huge layer of dirt-most likely due to the windy conditions that day) that they weren't a matching pair. They were a pair, but one was a ladies size 9, and the other a men's 7.  The 'blades look similar, but they are two completely different brands & designs.  For only costing me $1, they were a good bargain & have served me well over the past couple of years.
   However, it is time to move forward, and give this new pair a chance.  These ones actually match ;)  They're a name-brand and seem to be in excellent condition.  These too cost me $1!  The heel stopper looks pretty new, so I'm excited to see how they'll perform!
   Post-Morning Reflection: Note to self- do not attempt rollerblading in windy conditions!  The downhill struggle should have been my forewarning on how near-impossible my return uphill would be....Not long after I had turned back to head home, I realized someone would need to come pull me with a tow-rope.  The winds were so strong, I did not see how I was going to make it back home, let alone making it in time for JR to leave for work....What I ended up doing was taking off my skates & socks and running home. Needless to say, I got some extra cardio in this morning...hopefully enough to burn the unnecessary calories in the half of cinnamon roll I consumed for breakfast ;)
    Well, the new rollerblades get an "A+"! They were super comfy & I enjoyed a pretty smooth ride, even over randomly strewn gravel.  Later today hubby will be giving my old set a proper burial....

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