Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Win!

  When you're headed downstairs to the exercise room, shouldn't you take the stairs? We spent the night in a hotel in Colorado Springs so we can go to the zoo later today.  I made sure the place had an exercise room so I could get my cardio in (35lbs doesn't just fall off by itself).
   Usually I exercise within the confines of my own home and neighborhood.  The closest I've come to owning a gym membership was a free month trial at Curves.  I didn't feel intimidated surrounded by the mostly older women.  However, I had a comrade this morning.  When I walked in the small exercise room, he was pumping iron on the weight bench with the volume on his mp3 player turned up to "blast-everyone-else's-eardrums-too".
    He offered to take his gear off the treadmill (my usual regimen), but I declined, deciding to try my luck on the other two machines available- afterall, I have a treadmill at home.  I only lasted 3 minutes on the elliptical before moving on to the stationary bike.  Sitting down was alot easier.  A few minutes after I started my trip to nowhere, my kinda buff neighbor hopped on the treadmill.  I'm not sure what the starting running speed on it was, but I heard him increasing the speed to about 8mph.  (Right now I can do 6mph for about 2 minutes before my asthma kicks in.  Pre-pregnancy I had worked up to 6mph for almost 30 minutes).  I'm not sure if this guy was related to a gazelle, but sitting next to him was pretty intimidating.
   Then, I realized something-I'm winning. Ok, so really, we were tied (stationary machines right next to each other). Even though his speed was super-fast, he wasn't passing me! I was going as fast as him! (not according to the distance trackers on the machines, though) After this realization hit, I felt alot better about my time-crunched cardio & more confidence as I finished pedaling my 2.5 miles.  In my mind, I was winning.

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