Friday, May 27, 2011

The End Of An Era...

   This is the final installment of what has come to be known as "The Jeep Saga".  Last night was my fourth and final lesson in it.  Our short but adventurous relationship is over, and I know I can hear the Jeep sighing with relief.
    So I have no idea where hubby acquired his teaching methods, but he threw me for a loop last night.  After reaching our practice destination, he & I climbed out of the vehicle to switch seats.  I got behind the wheel and he shut the door...and stood there with my coffee in his hands...and stared at me with a smile...My worst nightmare had come true- I had to navigate the Jeep without help.  Hahahaha.  Yeah, right.  I looked back at him and told him that we (kids were in the back) were just going to sit there, then.
    After JR gave me some verbal instructions, he walked down the road and expected me to drive... I did...and, I must admit, I didn't scream ;)  However, I was pretty scared and when he yelled for me to shift, I didn't push the stick all the way down so the engine made a funny noise.  I drove for a few hundred yards and back to where I left him.  I did feel more confident after this lesson-I even reversed all by myself! 
   So, even though the Jeep will no longer be in our possession, I do plan on requesting more lessons if hubby gets another vehicle with a manual transmission (altho after these "adventures", I don't think that will be high on his priority list)....but we shall see....

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