Monday, April 4, 2011

Still Not Here Yet

   So I keep waiting to post something new until the baby pops out, but it seems like he doesn't want to cooperate...I have about a week before my actual due date, but last week I went to the hospital twice with labor pains.  The nurses in the OB ward monitored me & after a few hours my pains disappeared and I wasn't in "active labor".
   My last labor happened so fast that I was sure things would go quicker this time.  Unfortunately, that's not how this story goes.  When we left the hospital for the second time, I told hubby that I was not coming back.  I am going to have this baby at home.  Of course, he didn't see the logic in my thinking.  Part of my rationalization lay in the sanity provided by not thinking about coming back, thus not being disappointed yet again...the other parts are a mixture of desperation, insanity and the curiosity of giving birth outside a medical facility. 
   So now that I've faced the reality that this labor will not be like my previous two, I am forced to wait, wondering how and when the event will occur.  Even though I have lost all delusions that this time around will be quick, I have been spending my days keeping busy, walking long distances and attempting just about any of the "myths" that supposedly induce contractions.  
   I believe the insanity that has infected my thinking while waiting for the unknown has also infected my husband.  He announced over the weekend that he has decided he likes the name "Spartacus".  Add that to my dad's suggestion of "Erastus" and you have "Spartacus Erastus Christiansen'.  Say it out loud...has a nice ring, right???

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