Monday, March 21, 2011

Name the Baby

   So, for quite sometime I have favored the name "Jonathan Nathaniel", and since we are expecting a little boy, we decided that this would be *the perfect* name for him...and we would call him "Nate" since the name "Nathan" is in both simple...
   And then, yesterday the name "Malachi Nathaniel" just popped into my head...The name "Malachi" was brought up by some friends of ours-the husband loves the name, but the wife can't see herself giving that name to her child.  After receiving permission from the aforementioned, we are now toying with the idea of changing the baby's first name to "Malachi".
    So, we are taking a poll to see what *you* think we should name our baby boy. Malachi? or Jonathan?  Let the name roll around on your tongue a few times to see how they sound (don't forget to add "Nathaniel"!)
    Cons to naming him "Jonathan": 1. hubby's name is John (and he's a Jr) 2. people thinking we are naming him after his daddy 3. nickname "Johnny"  4. name is 8 letters long
    Cons to "Malachi":  1. adolescent ridicule for his name  2. nickname "Mal"??
So leave a comment to cast your vote!!! We have about 3 weeks (or less!) to decide!!!


  1. Jonathan Daniel , Mika James or
    John Robert III. Please not Malachi.

  2. casting vote.... Malachi+1

  3. I vote for Malachi but ur surDaD says , oh, now he says that's a good Jewish name!! Never mind considering ur last name!! I'll love him whatever his name is. Just bring him on/out/whatever. By the way ur other 2 r bathed and bedded down. God Bless & Good Night

  4. I like the name Jonathon and I'm not sure of the new name. I love you and whatever name you pick will be fine with me. Say Hi to the other 2 for me. Tell them that NaNe loves them.

  5. An idea to make it even more complicated - we named our Nate after Nathanael the prophet.. Nathanael. Of course he was in 6th grade before he new how to spell his name - he always went by Nate and apparently we never explained that we spelled his full name with an ael instead of an iel.. LOL!