Wednesday, August 4, 2010

*Tuesday Nights*

So every Tuesday night this summer, I've had the opportunity to be a part of a women's softball team here in Salida (yes, someone actually let me join their team!) And props to my kids for behaving in the dugout these past few weeks (of course i keep them supplied with gum & toys)! Now, I played softball in high school...this is where I received the nickname "Tumble Weed"...which was probably due to the fact that my motto was "sacrifice your body parts for the ball" (if you're going to play, why not give your all?) and therefore I reminded the coach of a tumbleweed as I would dive for the ball (the irony of this is that I now see tumbleweeds everyday).  During one of my first games, I freaked out twice and dove (yes, dove-not slid, because that would hurt way less) into the bases.  Apparently you're not supposed to dive into first, though, in women's softball (and you're also not allowed to bunt).  My self-imposed motto has rung true for me as I started the season as catcher (midway through I was demoted to right field) and caught most of the balls in my knees and thighs.  During last night's game (I am now in right field) balls finally came my way (most of the teams hit towards left field)... Unfortunately my body takes my self-imposed motto more seriously than I do.  As I was bracing for a catch, I somehow missed the ball with my glove and hand (gotta get that hole in my glove fixed) and my thigh took the hit instead.  As a souvenir, I now have a bruise (oval shaped) 3 inches long and 2 inches wide on my leg (I measured it this morning).  It might be gone by October ;}  Its been a fun season, and although our team isn't considered "the best", we are a newer team and have room to improve for next year ;) Next week our season concludes with a double-header, and Tuesday nights will return to blah.  So thanks, my wonderful friend Amber, for helping me keep my summer Tuesday nights exciting!

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