Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Lovin'

     Ah, seems that romance just flows in the air for some.  For others, the disappointment of not meeting "the one" or "falling in love". I bring up this subject because I have a few friends who recently had anniversaries. Others had weddings, and a select few became engaged (apparently I missed the boat- my wedding is in January). It was with one of these already married friends that I enjoyed a conversation about anniversary gifts. It occurred to me that I could not remember the first anniversary gifts that my spouse and I exchanged. 
     At the time of what should have been an exciting milestone (our first anniversary), we were broke with a 2 month-old baby, and missing our sanity.  I'm pretty certain we at least exchanged cards, lit our unity candle and watched our wedding video.  We are looking towards our fifth, but the lack of extravagant gifts hasn't had an affect on our love for each other...
    Speaking of love, alot of us tend to get the definition wrong... Its not "give, take-take-take, give" but rather "give, give-give-give, give".  I had a teacher in high school that had a wonderful quote about the true meaning of love, but unfortunately, I cannot find it. The idea behind the quote is to cherish the needs of the desired above your own. This is a reiteration of the giving. The best example of true love, selfless giving is Jesus Christ. You can read the amazing story of his life in the New Testament of the Bible.  And while you are leafing through the curiously thin onion pages of God's word, look up Hosea in the Old Testament (very small book, in between Daniel and Joel). This book tells a story of a love between a man and a prostitute. God told Hosea to marry this woman, and then, after she left him to return to her previous life of prostitution (through which she was turned into a slave), God told him to buy his wife back...and he did it!!! Can you imagine how much love it took to do as God asked?
     So as you think of your summer love, consider how much loving (giving) you are could change your relationship for the better ;)

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