Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 26

     In two more days we will be celebrating the fact that a little girl by the name of Amber entered into this world two years ago.  Two years...wow! Where did the time go? (oh, you mean after all the diaper changing, rocking, feeding, consoling, yelling, & screaming???)
     Now instead of crying, she screams (and says "go away, Mommy!"); instead of being fed, she feeds herself; instead of being rocked to sleep, she enters dreamland all by herself; instead of being carried around, she walks (most of the time); instead of meaningless babble, she uses words to her advantage; instead of diapers....wait...she's still in them!!!
     This little fair-haired child has had her daddy wrapped around her finger since she was born.  She was what is commonly referred to as a "good baby" (didn't cry much, slept alot, liked to be swaddled & carried).  And then she turned one. Miss Attitude started to appear around 18mos and hasn't left.  Her answer to everything is "no" even when she means "yes".  She knows how to scream and use pretend crying to achieve her desired goals.  This little person who was only 7lbs, 15.4oz (yes, almost an 8lber!) can manipulate her world according to her desires.  How can all of this happen in just a two year span? Where did my baby girl go? The one that used to give me kisses?
     I can only hope that she is still lurking within.....waiting to re-appear.... (hopefully she'll pop back out before the teens years set in).  But until then, I still enjoy quiet, snugly moments with her...and her captivating smile.  No matter what happens, she will always be my little girl... so Happy 2nd Birthday, Amber Rose!

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