Monday, February 2, 2015

Jeepers Creepers!!!

    How creepy are your kids?!?? Have you ever found your offspring to do anything to creep you out or scare the snot out of you?? Mine are experts at it! So much so that if I now refer to someone as creepy, the 8yo chimes in with "like me, huh?"
     For example, on Friday nights we usually have a "movie night" where the kiddos eat popcorn and watch a movie while Mommy falls asleep on the couch and Daddy puts them to bed when he gets home.  This also coincides with a very strict rule in our house: "Do not bug Mommy when she is sleeping!" It is frequently repeated.
      Last Friday we uttered this rule before Mommy dozed off on the couch. And I woke up at 9:30p.m. with three sets of eyes in my face and the question "What next? What next?" being repeated like seagulls who say "Mine? Mine?" All because the movie had ended...and apparently they weren't as ready for bed as I was ready for them to be.
      Needless to say, they were immediately (and a bit harshly) sent to bed. Hey, if this view was the first thing you saw when you opened your uncaffeinated eyes, you would have reacted negatively too. (I do believe the children now have more respect for the "Mommy's sleeping" rule now. )

           Do you have a Jeepers Creepers story?? Share it with me!

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