Monday, January 12, 2015

Reasons To Love Zambonis

       Yesterday I came to appreciate the role zambonis play on the ice. See, last year was our first time ice skating. Ever. And we took full advantage of living in Alaska by using the outdoor rink at the kiddo's school which was just a block away. Every so often, they would "ghetto zamboni" the rink with a hose and tarp on the back of a truck.
      It didn't matter to me if the ice was "smooth" or not. I seemed to be able to handle it well...except for when they ice wasn't completely frozen that was troublesome.
      Since we moved approx 60 miles away from that location over the summer, I have been searching for a new (and free) locale. However, this winter has been unseasonably warm (I'm calling it an Alaskan Indian Summer) so frozen surfaces can be sketchy.
      Apparently Wasillians frequent the local lake for skating when it's frozen solid, and yesterday seemed like the perfect time for us to try it out. So we did.
      And...then I discovered the important role zamboni's play in the world of ice skating:

        1. They literally do smooth out the ice! See the bubbles and cracks?? (not to mention the random frozen foliage sticking out of the ice) Apparently "natural" ice skating surfaces develop these defects from the freezing and refreezing and stuff landing on them before they refreeze.....

     Okay, I guess that's the only reason I discovered to love now take a gander at the fun family photos we took while ice skating:

            These two just may have spent more time on their knees than their feet....

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