Sunday, December 14, 2014's Christmas Products #Review #Giveaway #Sponsored

     Looking for a unique Christmas gift?? offers many photo-related products- my favorite feature is that you can just choose photos from your social sites!!!
   If you're like me, you've already downloaded the photos from your phone to your computer...into who-knows-what album?? But I can usually remember which social networking site I posted the pic to, which is why I love this feature!
     My friends over are sent me an aluminum photo panel, a custom ornament and a 6ft roll of custom wrapping paper to review, along with codes to give away one of each of these products!!! YAY!!! So here's the review:
         Here is a photo of the aluminum photo panel:

     When I first heard of this product, I wasn't even sure what it was- I just clicked a photo and ordered it!And now, I love it!!! It had a shiny finish and looks like a frameless, glossy photo on the wall. It feels a bit heavy and has these wooden stoppers on the back so that you can hang it on your l and it won't touch the wall (unless you have a really funky-shaped wall). I love how shiny it is, too!

      The custom ornament I received is made of metal too! I chose the oval shape and again a photo that I had uploaded to Facebook. This will be a gift for someone special for Christmas!

      When it came to ordering the custom 6ft gift wrap, I kept adding photos because the page told me too! It said something about "the photos may be blurry, so add more". And I did. At the time, I didn't realize that the preview I saw would repeat (even though the site did say something like that), so basically I got wrapping paper with millions of photos on it, lol!!!

      I think it's great-I mean, who wouldn't want to see our faces on everything?? My plan for the wrap is to use it for family gifts-that way they can always save (and frame) it. Worried about cutting sloppy or having uneven edges? The paper has cutting lines printed across the back- really thought this product through!!!

     Now, who wants to win these fab products??
   I am giving these away on the FB fan page, so enter to win a product by clicking on the corresponding link:

Aluminum photo panel: Click here!
Custom Ornament: Click here!
6ft Roll Gift wrap:  Click here!
     Giveaway ends 12/18/14! Good luck!!!

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions on the products are my own. I was compensated for my review with the aforementioned product from I received no other compensation. 


  1. That wrapping paper!!! I would be afraid to actually use it, but how incredibly personalized is that to wrap a gift in?!

  2. Picture gift wrap! Awesome idea! I bet that wrapping paper would be opened carefully.

  3. That is way cool, just entered all three!

  4. Love the wrapping paper! I'd frame a piece of that and use it as wall art. Thanks for the inspiration.