Friday, December 12, 2014

Collage .com One-Click Photo Book #Review2 #Sponsored

     So our good friends at were distraught that I couldn't figure out how to do the "fancy-dancy" stuff to my albums that they had featured in their stock photos that they not only explained the simple process to me, but sent me two more photo books so I could TRY the fancy-dancy and tell you all about it!!!
   One of my favorite things about using for photo gifts is the option to utilize your social media profiles instead of digging through saved albums on the computer. If I know that I want to use photos that I remember posting to Instagram or Facebook, I can just click and add!

    Once you've chosen your project and uploaded your photos, you're ready to create your custom project! For this post, I made two photo books ( one 11.5x8.5 hardcover and a 8x6 softcover book). Instead of just uploading 20 pics and letting the website design my book, I uploaded a ton and was able to add multiple photos onto pages!
     I did this by clicking on each page individually-this way I could center my photos and add multiples to a page. Most of my pages have 1 photo, and you can click on "stretch to cover" if you want the photo to take up the whole page. My last post described how to add a background to cover the extra page if you don't want to stretch your photos.

      I added multiple photos to pages by dragging photos from the column on the left to the page- the more you put on the page, the smaller the photos become. If you know you want certain photos on a page, but cannot figure out how to lay then out, just click on "free form or shuffle" button until the look works for you.

     If you're like me, you wait until last to do the front page. You can choose a collage of all of the photos in the book or add different ones. You can also choose to have a shape and title on the front cover.

           And just like that, your photobook will be ready for you to order!!! They have plenty of photo projects to choose from and always seem to have a discount code via email or Facebook! Right now their discount on these books is still valid!

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