Monday, October 20, 2014

Teaching Manners to Boys

         How do you know you've successfully taught good manners to your offspring?? When you witness them teaching these same skills to others. So far, I have affirmed that I am doing an *excellent* job teaching my boy manners.
   Scenario #1: The 3yo was minding his own business in preschool when he took a toy from another child. The other child demanded that M give back the toy. M's response? "Say please!"
     Total success with that one.
   Scenario #2: While shopping with all three children the other day, M wandered from the cart and was in the middle of an aisle, An elderly woman was passing by and he drifted back into her cart. She apologized profusely for bumping him with hr cart. I assured her that he was fine (whether or not he was fine, I like to think it was his fault for not paying attention to his surroundings) and she moved on. J, the 8yo decided to pass on some social etiquette by saying (in an "outside voice") "NEXT TIME YOU SHOULD SAY 'EXCUSE ME, PLEASE'". So, so helpful. Let me add that his voice remained the same tone and lacked sarcasm & anger.
     So am I proud of my boys?!? Of course!!! Embarrassed?? Most definitely!!! But at least I know that my boys are remembering their manners....Unfortunately the daughter doesn't have a similar story...which must mean that I need to reassess my parenting skills with her...

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