Monday, April 7, 2014

How You know You're Living With a 2yo:

  Our "baby"? He's turning three. He's the youngest in the house and in honor of his birthday, I created this short list....

How You know You're Living With a 2 year-old: (you know, just in case one snuck in through the doggy door while you were gone)

      1.There's toothpaste. Everywhere

      2. The cookies are half eaten (as in, there's a dozen cookies, but each cookie is only half a cookie)

      3. You find Legos in your bed (ow. ALL THE TIME)

      4. That smell you just woke up to? It's not gas...someone had an "accident" in their pants (that's a fun mess to clean up at 6am)

      5. Little socks. Everywhere. And none of them match.

      6. After using plastic forks for a while, you switch back to "real" ones...and then the real ones start disappearing...(we had 11+. Now we have less than 7)

      7. Everything is drawn on.

      8. You're not sure if that spot is a puddle of pee, or a random, unexplained leak.... (not knowing = not fun)

      9. Your ankle may have a few bite marks in it...

     10. Footsteps. Running. In the hall. ALL DAY LONG.

             And then sometimes this happens....

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