Monday, April 28, 2014

Amber's Got A Dream!

         That's right folks, Amber's got a dream! As if she pulled the plot line from the movie Tangles (which, she kind of did-it's her fav) our little girl has a dream to one day "have my hair as long as Rapunzel's". Well, truth be told, that's probably never gonna happen since we don't really see how to keep it sanitary once it drifts down past her bottom.....So we sort of made a deal with her that we'll let it grow to almost her bottom. Sounds like a fair deal, right??
        The only problem is, Amber's hair seems to have a suicide wish of it's own. I kid you not. You know how sometimes things just decide for themselves that they are no longer destined to be around?? (like that washing machine you had for four years that just gave up the ghost? Or the brand new hair ties that sprung apart the first time you wrapped them?) I've decided that Amber's hair has this same M.O.
        The most dramatic incident occurred about a year and a half ago at her fourth birthday party. In what seemed like the most random freak moment of the month, her hair caught fire while she blew out her birthday candles. Maybe that was our sign-just letting go of her long-haired goals. Silly us, this girl has a DREAM!!!
         And just like the (slightly sarcastic, but ever hopeful) cheerleader parents we are, we still let her grow out her golden blonde locks, with the occasional botch job haircut from me. However, recently it seems like her hair has gotten a bit out of hand at home. She's caught food in it (and then ate it!!!), and gotten got  received got gum caught in it-twice. One time Hubs had to cut it out. The other time, I was watching the kiddos at a park and several of them were on a tire swing, with the oldest pushing. Well he yelled, "Miss Michelle! Amber's got gum in her hair!" and I started making my way over to see how bad the damage was. As I neared, the same kid said, "Never mind! She ate it!". Gross, right?? It gets worse-the kid said the gum was blue, and we don't have any blue colored gum in the house...which means...IT WAS SOME OTHER KID'S GUM IN HER HAIR AND MOUTH!!! And to top it off, *somehow* one of the other kids got toothpaste in it (yes, someone else got toothpaste in Amber's hair).
         So...for keep the dream alive, we have some guidelines. Well, really only one. For now (or until somehow her hair decides to be on the same team) she's required to keep it bound by some form of elastic/hair tie during the just makes the world a little safer...for us all...
          And here she you can see how long we've managed to keep it:

Have a great week!!!

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