Monday, March 24, 2014

BlondieChell Runs Home

   Recap: There's still 11 of us in the 3bdrm, 1bath house. We shuffle 3 vehicles & 4 work schedules so children don't get left alone. Last Monday was a particularly awkward day as it meant I would have to wait over an hour after I got off work to get home, so during the course of the day, I decided to run and walk as far as I could, then my ride could just catch up to me-simple, right???
  Problem: I only had gym clothes, what I wore to work and no cold-weather gear. There's still snow on the ground, and technically, it's still winter here. Also, my phone battery was dying.
  Solution: Double layer the gym pants I had, use the outer shell of my winter coat and pray my toes don't freeze off in my Vibram Five Fingers (I did have some medium weight Smart Wool socks!). I texted my route to my ride w/a warning about my cell battery.
  The Journey: about a mile into my trek, our friend called me, and I told her what I was doing. She offered a "better" alternate route, so I told her to text the new route to my ride & continued my run.
   I was about 5 miles into my run (farthest I've ran since summer) when I realized the "new route" didn't have a sidewalk-my only option was to trek through over a foot of snow, uphill next to the highway. About half-way up the hill, I had to jump the guardrail and walk next to traffic because there was a ginormous drop on the opposite side.
    I almost made it all the way home in just an hour! 6.5 miles after an a.m. run + working all day. I got picked up just a mere 1.3mi from home. Needless to say, my toes ended up froze and my Vibrams so dirty that I had to take them off in the shower!

        At least I can now tell my kiddos that I've walked a mile uphill in 2 feet of snow! And....I'm repeating the journey again today, but with a slight tweak in the route which will cut out mileage, but allow me to stay safe on sidewalks or trails. (And in my new Skoras!) 

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