Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Influenster Violet VoxBox

         I LOVE my Violet Vox Box that Influenster sent me! Inside was a Goody Athetique headband, Soy Joy bar, Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish, a Montagne Jeunesse clay spa mask and Not Your Mother's Clean Freak dry shampoo.

          And somehow, all pf those products fit into a tiny box! My fav? The Goody headband!!! Why?? Because I'm not an "athletic headband" wearer. Why? Because they all fall off. So, of course, skeptical me had to try this one. I spent over 40 minutes on a treadmill with it and it didn't budge an inch! It STAYED!!! So, it's now a staple with my gym clothes! (oh, it's also reversible, but IT STAYS!)
          So, that's my fav. I also enjoyed the Montagne Jeunesse clay spa mask because it's the best clay mask I've ever done!
           Sally Hansen's Triple Shine polish dries quick, isn't goey and really does shine! I love how smooth it looks!
          Soy Joy? Really? YES!!!! The kids and I LOVED the cranberry Soy Joy bar we received! It tasted like a cookie and the kids loved it too!
          And Not Your Mother's makes fantastic products, so of course their dry shampoo is awesome!!!
              I really enjoyed trying these products, and if you'd like to join me on Influenster, email me at
                ~Disclaimer: I received these products for free from Inflenster for testing purposes. All opinions, comments and experiences are my own. 

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