Monday, December 16, 2013

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

   "'Cause breaking up is hard to do-oo".
    So true. Especially when you have that really deep attachment. When you feel cared about. When you do your best, knowing it's appreciated. Staying, because you want to. You're needed-and it's fantastic. Until you *know*-you just know that it's time to break up.
     And that's why it was so hard for me to break up with my Hallmark bosses. Because they were wonderful to me and acted like I was the best thing that happened to their stores (which was true-I was trained in a corporate store and had the best boss!).
      So, the time came and I started a new job (it paid more & is what my degree {that I will one day get} is in) but couldn't break up with my bosses. As things would have it, Hub's work hours had temporarily changed at that time too, so I ended up using that as my excuse for quitting. And, it didn't seem to work. (Serious amounts of guilt here-these people were the first to offer me a job in AK: I saw the Hallmark store and walked in, both owners were in the store and I told them I had corporate Hallmark experience. I didn't even need an interview-they just asked when I could start!)
      Less than five minutes after I sent my "buh-bye" email, one of my bosses called me, begging me to stay. Christmas was "7 Saturdays away!" Was there any day I *could* work? (um....Saturdays??) Could I do a weeknight at all?? (uh...3 hours on Friday??) Okay, fine. I agreed to it "just until after Christmas". Gah. I just kept digging myself a deeper hole. So deep.
       Well, now it's one weekend before Christmas. And I saw my boss Friday. And reminded him that I was "leaving". Because breaking up is hard to do, and you want to make sure that the other party involved "gets it". Like....we-are-officially-broken-up-stop-calling-me-broken-up. And I added that I was *looking* (not "started". Because I just couldn't....) for a job at a child care place. seems like he got it that time. I hope. Regardless of what the January schedule says, I'm not showing up (unless it's to shop!).
        So, honesty did not win the fight this time. I'm not sure it was even invited to the party. But I'm being honest now, right? So that's gotta count for something...Because breaking up is hard to do...

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