Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Amber Turns 5!

     It seems that I end up blogging about Amber every year on her BDay. And it's here again. Yes, today's her BDay, but we had the cake & candles last night & no mishaps (you know-like last year...when she almost didn't turn 4)!!! Here we are, all the way in Alaska, with few new friends and we successfully pulled off her 5th Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese with 5 adults and 9 kids!
    In April, Amber had her "last round" of immunization shots before preschool. Then we moved to Alaska. Turns out, there's one shot her & her siblings never had because it wasn't required in CO (I guess it was optional??). It's required here, or kids can't be enrolled in school. So, we went to get Josiah & Amber more shots (this was after telling them they didn't need any more shots for a few years. Oops.) Josiah took his like a champ (Okay, so they let him play his video game, so he barely flinched, sensory issues & all). Amber wasn't as....tough... about it? Her waterworks started way before the nurse asked her to sit on my lap. She started screaming & crying while she was watching (that's right, just *watching*) Josiah get his done. she continued her death-wail during her shot (which I had to clamp her flailing limbs between mine for) and for what seemed like forever afterwards. It was a long car ride home.
    She survived. We survived her tortuous wailing. And she turned 5. Five years ago she popped on out and the doctor came into the room just in time to catch her...and drop her on the bed. Oops. (Trivia- she shares a birthday with my mom!)
       Well, this morning my mini-me climbed up into my bed after she awoke (she sleeps on the floor right next to me. I'm kind of surprised I haven't stepped on her yet!) and I told her she was now five years old. She turned to me and asked "Am I getting another shot?" That was her Birthday-morning thoughts. Shots. Pain. Wailing. Well... at least she's not on fire, right???

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