Friday, July 12, 2013

Alaska Crazy Train Part III

        This is the 3rd segment in the fantastical series "The Alaska Crazy Train". You can find Part I here & Part II here.
          Soon after God told us to go to Alaska, we started asking "when??" Now, hubs had already felt that we'd be moving out of Poncha Springs by the end of summer, but none of us thought that we'd be travelling so far away. Or in such a short period of time. Yes, it would make more sense to stay for a little while more and save up some $$, but truth is, we've never had much $$ and somehow, God always provides. He hasn't left us yet, so we have no reason to not trust His plans for us.
       My friend and I are flying to Anchorage July 15th, each with one of our kids (she has 4, I have 3). The hubbies and rest of the crew will drive up the Alcan (super-crazy road through Canada to Alaska. It was built during WWII) in August.
       We are selling most of our belongings (furniture & whatnot) so we can share a U-Haul and travel with as little cost as possible (which is still a big cost).
       Scared? No. Nervous? A bit. We don't know what to expect there (except that Alaska's been having a super-warm summer & it's buggy right now. Ew. I do not do well with bugs). Well, we're better prepared than most of our friends who think we'll be experiencing 6 months of total darkness. Where we'll be, during the winter we'll see about 4-5 hours of sunlight during the day, and like most of the "lower 48", the daylight extends and then shrinks due to the rotation of the earth. Sure, right now parts of Alaska are experiencing days with 20 hours of sunlight, but the longest "day" of the year has past and the light will be slowly dwindling.
        Also, where we're headed, there will be an actual summer time-we will not be seeing snow on the roads 24/7. What's interesting about this move is that my friend has lived in Alaska twice. Not in Anchorage, but close to it. Right now, we're headed for Anchorage. Where we stay and how long will depend on where God wants us to go.
         Job prospects? Not yet. (I know, I know, we sound super-insane. We do. But this is what happens when you listen to God.) If you read in the Old Testament, God seemed to always be telling His people "Go here. Go there. Sure, you've never been there before, but I want you to go." And he always took care of them, just like He will always take care of us.
    Will there be a part IV to this saga?? Yes. Soon....

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