Friday, July 5, 2013

Alaska Crazy Train Part I

   God's given us tickets for the crazy train. (Not that it should surprise us-I'm a life-time member!) About two weeks ago, he told us and our friends that He wanted us to go to Alaska. Move there. Before summer was over.
    Now, I want you to understand the scope of the situation. Really appreciate what God has been doing in our lives since He called us to CO seven years ago (really?? Has it only been seven years??). Hubby and I came out to CO from DE on our honeymoon to discover where in Colorado God wanted us. We found it, and made plans to come back in June so that we could find a place to live, get a job and all that "fun" stuff. We planned to move out here in September.
    Meanwhile, down in the sunny, beachy state of FL, God was working on the hearts of our friends-calling them out here as well. They come out in July, got an apartment, jobs, land, and hurried back to FL to move their kids and belongings.
     Around October, I received a note on my door, stating that our landlord had told our next door neighbor that we were expecting a little boy and she was selling some baby boy items if we were interested. We sure were! Later, after the arrival of Screamy #1, she brought over her 9 month-old daughter for a visit. A few months later, we were invited to this same little girl's first birthday.
     We were the only ones who showed up. Since we really had no friends our age in the church we attended, (and new baby = no social life) we found ourselves spending time with our neighbors. A few months later, though, we found an apartment in Poncha Springs which is a small town right next to Salida, which is where we knew we were going to start a church.
     The day we were packing up to move, our neighbors helped me finish loading items into a truck and informed me that they were headed down to Poncha Springs to check out a house for rent in the same vicinity. A few days later, we found ourselves helping them move into their new place...on the street right behind our new apartment complex. (Turns out, we have the same landlord!)
     Life continued to move on, with God continuing to intertwine our lives to the point where it felt like we would grow old as friends here in this beautiful state of Colorado....
    Stay tuned for the Alaska Crazy Train Part II

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  1. It gives me goosebumps to read this! I'm excited to read part II! And, though I'm sad that we're just becoming friends and you're moving away, I'm excited to witness what God's doing in your lives!

    Hugs, Cristyl