Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things I've Learned While Running....Poncha Pass

    One of my recent running goals has been to run up Poncha Pass to the entrance of the Rainbow Trail. When I can, I measure my distances to prepare myself for the work. The day I measured the distance from our apartment to the trailhead, I was shocked to find it was almost 7 miles! Uphill! (Not to mention the elevation of 9010ft) I mean, sure, that's 7 miles downhill, but when your longest distance is only up to 8 miles, that's quite a feat. Not to mention that this intended trek does not include and part of the Rainbow Trail.
      The distance from the base to the top of the pass is about 8 miles or so. Maybe one day I will be able to make it that far, but so far (due to ability  & time constraints) I've only been able to run about halfway up the pass.

                                                        Me!!! About 3 miles up!!!

                                 View downhill, towards Poncha

                                             View uphill-up the pass. Very windy.

       And here are some things I've learned
               1. Tractor trailers driving by you are not as scary as I imagined.
               2. Any large vehicle (bus, hemi with trailer, ect) going really fast up the pass sounds like a tractor trailer.
               3. People throw a whole lot of soda bottles (full, empty, and filled with "iced tea") out the windows.
              4. People throw a lot of random things out the window
              5. I think I could assemble a small vehicle from the parts on the side of the road.
              6. The "up" side of the road has more of a shoulder to run on
              7. I have too much time to think.
              8. I could be smashed by falling rocks.
              9. Half a mile is farther than you think.
             10. Haters will be haters.

So am I crazy? Yeah. Do I get a good workout? Oh, yeah. Will I reach the top one day? We shall see....


  1. What no road kill? I'm sure you've passed a carcass or two.


    1. it's so odd...I did find a female leg...belonged to a Barbie doll, but no dead carcasses. It seems that I typically find those on the main highway through town and county roads....