Monday, March 11, 2013

It Was A Dark...Dark Morning.

5:43 a.m.  I drove over the bridge and parked. No one else was there.
5:45 a.m.  I exited my vehicle, aware of the chill in the darkness. I donned my beard & cap, not wanting to freeze my face off. I stood on the bridge watching the ice chunks float down river. The cracking sound was hard to get used to. At first, I thought someone was loading furniture into a truck..but there were no least not visible ones...
5:50 a.m.  A car drove down F Street and parks opposite of my van. I had never wished so hard that someone would be a runner. "Pleeeeeease. Pleeeeeeeease be a runner," I silently begged. The occupant stayed inside the nice, warm Jeep while I shifted my position at the bridge. "See?? I'm a runner!" I wanted to scream. I kept shifting places every few  moments, hoping that I looked the part.
5:53 a.m.  A second vehicle drove down F Street and parks next to the Jeep. "Please be a runner too!" my mind shouted. "Oh, no. Maybe this is a drug exchange. Oops. Better turn around so I don't become  liability. Head down. There ya go." I heard car doors open and close. I turned around just in time to see two dark figures and a dog headed through the fence, toward the tracks.
5:55 a.m. I found myself chasing these two figures, waving my hand, shouting "Hey! Wait! Waaaaiiit!!! I'm a runner!" (best line ever, right??) After catching up to them, I explained who I was and if this was the 5:45 a.m. Chaffee County Runners Club run. Turns out it was! Apparently no one else shows up but these other two souls, so they had no idea there was additional company! (so....was I just the creepy stalker in my crochet beard hanging out by the bridge??)
7:20 a.m. Finally made it back down to my vehicle. After an hour and a half of mountain trails, I headed home, happy and wore out.

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  1. This is the thing I always worry about when heading to meetings or group events for the first time. Sounds like a good way to start the morning though.