Monday, March 25, 2013

Decaf Chell Part 3

    One more week! I just need to endure one more caffeine-free week till I can wake up and smell the coffee again! This is something I am soooo looking forward to now, after almost 6 weeks of avoiding caffeine, coffee and chocolate. It hasn't been easy.
    It's definitely been a learning experience-like learning that caffeine not only helps me cope with stress, it also wakes me up (I've never felt so tired!) and helps keep me motivated (who wants to clean??). I haven't experienced any caffeine headaches (I'm not addicted ;) but I've experienced plenty of stress headaches which have led to migraines. Though I get the occasional migraine when stressed , this experience has forced me to experiment with stress relieving techniques, such as aromatherapy. After Easter, I will make a conscious effort to evaluate my stress levels frequently so I can hopefully avoid migraines.
    Not only have I been feeling tired 24/7 these past few weeks, but I also feel like my brain has shut off. I can't remember much or even wake up early. My poor family has had to put up with alot.  Decaf Chell is not naturally nice, and is often more verbally sarcastic than she should be. Needless to say, Decaf Chell has been kept indoors as often as possible.
    Rest assured after Easter I'll be full of funny stories, laughs and more interesting posts!

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