Monday, March 4, 2013

Decaf Chell Part 2

       So far I've made it 2 & a half weeks w/o caffeine! Yay! (no, not really "yay"'s more like, "okay!"). (Why? See here.) I have a bout 4 more weeks or so to go (how far away is Easter??). Right now, I'm surviving on decaf tea, exercise, sugared cereals and therapeutic essential oils.
        Seriously, the craving for cereals came to me as a surprise.  Going off caffeine cold turkey has taught me a lot of things about my decaf self. For instance, apparently Decaf Chell doesn't have much of an appetite for food. Decaf Chell also loathes waking up in the mornings. And running. And...just about everything, lol. I'm not that interested in food right now, but I eat so that I can have *some* energy to make it through the day. Sugar cravings come & go (well...mostly come) but obviously, chocolate (my dear, sweet beloved chocolate) is out of the question. For now, all I've been wanting for dinner is cereal. Sometimes one bowl, sometimes two (big bowls ;).  
         The afternoons are usually when my sweets cravings (this was true for Caffeinated Chell too) strike. Typically, I reach for some small amounts of chocolate, icing, whatever. Recently, to satiate, I've been blending "smoothies"- a mix of spinach, frozen fruit, water, a bit of yogurt and whatever else I feel like adding. This treat is usually enough to satisfy my sweet tooth till the next afternoon.
         Decaf Chell is also not as nice as Caffeinated Chell. She gets stressed and angry easily. Stress leads to tension headaches (and then migraines) which makes Decaf Chell even more stressed and angry (I don't use the word "mad" because I was taught that it isn't really a word). It hasn't been pretty, but it's my journey. Finding different ways to de-stress and being nice even when I don't feel like it has been "interesting" (more like "stressful"...oops. headache.).
          I know my journey's not for everyone- but for now, it's mine. It's been quite the self-discovery (do I really enjoy food more when I'm caffeinated? I can't believe I'm falling asleep at 8pm! So...caffeine helps me relax?) and experiment (which flavors of decaf tea do I like? No...that one actually *tastes* like I'm drinking a flower...).
           Well, here's hoping I (and my family) survives 4 more weeks of Decaf Chell!!!

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