Monday, March 18, 2013

Daylight Savings Time...Spring Ahead?

         Wow! That was the best "Spring Ahead" Daylight Savings Time I've ever experienced! Said. No one. Ever.  Now, I love early mornings. I'm one of those freaks who enjoy getting up just before the sun does and going for a run. However, the last few weeks have been kind of rough without caffeine. Rolling out of bed in the mornings has just been brutal. Early mornings light peeking through our bedroom blinds has helped urge me out of bed, but even my early a.m. runs have been suffering. And now the time change has went and increased the a.m. awfulness. Seriously. I can't even wake up at 6 a.m. now. Thankfully I just have 2 decaf weeks to go, but this early a.m. darkness has put a damper on things. And here's a little story about it:
          A few weeks ago I was inspired to reach out to the local moms in our community & find some running buddies. Feedback was pretty good (in a small town, 4 is a good number!) and we scheduled for 5:30 on Tuesday mornings. We scheduled this the weekend of  the spring daylight savings time change and I'm caffeineless. I had to wake up before 5 in order to get out of the house on time (it takes me less than 10 mins to drive to our meeting spot). For some reason, it seemed a bit colder this Tuesday morning-even with my beard on.
        I parked at our location, about 4 mins past the scheduled meeting time. Oops. I just could not seem to drag myself out of bed and out of the house. While I love running and  running with other people,  decaf herbal tea was not doing it for me that dark and cold morning.
       Since no one else was there, I walked around for fifteen minutes, giving everyone else the benefit of the doubt too. Well, either they were super-late, not coming, or had already left without me. "Ha! This is Salida!" I said to myself. "Everyone's always late for everything! Showing up early or on-time is such a faux pass here."
        I waited till almost 6 a.m. then went home. Yes, I didn't get my run in, but my bed was calling. I was way too tired to argue with myself, so I planned on "taking a short nap" then waking again at 7, and getting my miles in. Needless to say, that didn't happen either. I found out later that none of the other moms had been able to drag themselves out of bed. Time Change, you may have won this round, but in a few weeks (with the help of caffeine and early morning sunbeams), I will be winning ;)

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