Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apparently Malachi Can't Swim....

Blaaaaaaaaahhhhh....  So my qualifications of "Mom of the Year" have again, dramatically declined.
   When one has multiple children, one must find a way to remember each child's individual skill set.  This is important, because a five year old is capable of doing more than a one year old.  Such as swimming.
    The munchkins and I went down to the "Salida beach" (its a 3 inch wide strip of sand that runs along the river for about a quarter mile-with huge rocks just waiting to be rested on) with some friends.  We had never done this before.  We didn't even know it was a thing.  Apparently it is.  People just swim or play in the river and don't get sucked in.
     Since I wasn't sure what to expect, I made sure that the kids were wearing clothes they could wade in/get wet.  Except Malachi-swim diapers did not make the trip (neither did towels. Or spare clothes. Or floaties).  I had all my bases covered-I kept Malachi's sandals on him so he wouldn't slip on the rocks.  Keeping my eyes on the kids, I let them wade in a little ways, and before they knew it, they were having fun!  Splashing, jumping, throwing sand-these were all acceptable on this little strip.
      All sense of worry dissipated in this relaxing atmosphere, and it was turning out to be a good afternoon.  I looked to my right and saw Malachi, floating in the water.  Oh, look at that!  Malachi can do a back float! I thought.  It wasn't until I heard Josiah's cheery voice says, "Mommy! Malachi doesn't know how to swim!" that I realized he was going under.  On his back.  I rushed to yank him out of the water, glad that someone was paying attention to his safety, instead of admiring skills that he did not possess.  I picked him up and held him as water streamed from his face.  He seemed as surprised by the incident as I was.  Shaking my head at myself, we sat down and watched the older ones continue to splash.
     Next time (as long as they don't post signs of my face with a huge red circle & slash mark) we shall bring floaties.  And swim diapers.

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  1. hahaha! I can't help laughing, you really have some crazy things happen you know!