Monday, May 7, 2012

Do You Scream When You Run??

      If you've been with me for a while, you know that sometimes I scream when I drive.  Apparently I scream when I run too.  Usually it's when a cyclist comes out of nowhere, either behind me, or in front of me like on my run yesterday....
   One of my most favorite things to do when hubby's watchin' the kids is to explore new trails to run.  This usually means driving to a designated location, getting out of the vehicle, and running a path I've never been on for however long my energy lasts.....
   Yesterday I decided to tackle a portion of the "Little Rainbow Trail".  Its usually known for hiking, horseback riding, and dirt biking.  Well, I arrived at the trail head, looked at the large map, and chose one of the 1.5 mile paths that led to the LRT.  The "more difficult" path looked wide and was called Race Track.  I didn't want to run into any accidents (race my book, anyways...) so I chose the "most difficult" path- Lost.
    I have no idea where my sanity disappeared to during this decision making process.  Lost seemed less intimidating than it's name implied, so I ran.  about .1 mile in, I understood why it was considered "most difficult"- there was a huge, almost vertical incline.  No problem.  The trail I usually run near my house has a higher incline.  After I crested it, there was a slight decline and I passed a couple walking their dogs.  As I waved, the guy yelled "Good job!" and I thought to myself, "Why yes. Yes, I am doing a good job.  That hill was a bit tough".  However, this is where my imagination stopped....I try not to envision trails that I have not yet conquered as being difficult.  This would be counter-productive to my motivation.
    So the crazy blonde in the bright pink track suit continued to run....and encounter more steep inclines....oops.  This trail turned out to be way more intense than I had obviously anticipated.  Now I understood why it was classified as "most difficult".
    Eventually I had to walk.  I was forcing my lungs beyond their limit.  Finally, I reached the part of the path where the Little Rainbow Trail intersected.  I took that for about half a mile or so before decided to turn around.  When I paused, I heard a faint whistle.  I panicked.  I heard it again....Here I am, out in the middle of a tree-lined trail with only my GPS-enabled phone, water-bottle and a granola bar.  Sure, I'm taking self-defense classes, but I've just about used up all of my energy making it this far.  I jumped off the path and tried to camouflage myself in the shrubs (yes. while wearing bright pink.).  Then I saw a red truck slowly drive by on what must have been a road above me.  Since I'm unfamiliar with this trail, I wasn't sure if the truck was on the trail or not.  I gave it a few minutes before I decided to run back.  I didn't pass the truck, but I started to feel pelts of raindrops.  I picked up my pace to make it back to my van before a downpour started.  When I reached the steep declines (previously inclines-I'm headed downhill now), I actually had to walk so I wouldn't slip on the loose dirt.  With adrenaline as my friend, I continued my descent.
   Eventually, I reached my vehicle and closed the door....just in time to avoid a quick down pour (it was almost like God was reminding me that He controlled the weather, "See, Michelle? I have your back,").  And I'm thankful He does....because you never know where this insane chick will run next....

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  1. :) Funny story, and I think I would have done the same thing. Not running of course but just walking, "Oh I can do this no biggi" and then end up wore out!