Monday, April 16, 2012

Bad Mom? Or Not??

   The other day I inadvertently nominated myself again for the "Bad Mom" award....
   I had hauled all three kids to one of their friend's birthday parties.  I thought it was a nice party, but Amber was nap-deprived and must have forgotten her "nice-to-mommy" pills at home. 
   After we had been at the party for about an hour, I did a kid-check.... "Malachi licking the carpet? Check.  Josiah at the race car arcade game? Check.  Amber....?  Hmmmm....Where is Amber.... Oh, no! someone must've taken her!" I panicked.  Then a switch flipped.  "Oh, no....maybe that's a good thing" I thought, relaxing just a bit.  Then I spotted her (while I mentally chided myself for thinking such awful thoughts about my little girl)-she was sitting behind Josiah on the arcade game.....good one, Amber....good one...

1 comment:

  1. When Amber is old enough to read this... I hope she isn't sad after reading what you wrote here. :(