Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Geography Lesson Equals Fail

        ::Big sigh::  I was having one of those "I'm going to be a 'good mom' and teach my children ------" moments.  For weeks Josiah has been pretty insistent that Nane' &P-pop live in the airport (makes sense-we've picked my mom up from the airport, and when we've flown, my dad usually meets us at the airport).  Amber had no idea where she lives.  Today, she said she lives in an airplane.
     "What a wonderful teaching moment!" I thought as I pulled out a puzzle of the U.S.A.  Like any other naive, hopeful parent, I started putting the puzzle together, trying to name each state.  The children even took part, asking where certain pieces go (except Malachi-he was pre-occupied shoving wipes into his mouth....I'm not sure what he finds appetizing about them, but they're his new favorite menu item).
       I showed them which state we live in (Colorado) and I showed them where their grandparents live (on this map Delaware closely resembled a rectangle).  I gave them the name of the states and told them where the ocean was. I was having fun, trying to instill this premier knowledge of geography into their ever-learning minds.....until it was their turn to speak....
       Amber promptly announced that she wanted to visit Maine (the piece had a photo of a lighthouse on it) and Josiah said (in his limited English) that he wanted to take Daddy's blue truck and drive to Delaware.  He also told Amber that she couldn't go to Maine because she couldn't drive.  Little does he know, neither can he.  Malachi was quiet except for the occasional "mmph" that came from his wipe-filled mouth. (Insert head-shake here)
     While I'm not sure if Amber grasped anything, I'm pretty confident that Josiah understands that his grandparents do not live in the airport.  I can't say the same about him driving, though.  It looks like we're going to have keep the truck keys locked up....

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