Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dressing Rooms + 3 Year Olds = Bad Idea

::Sigh::  I'm firing my daughter as my personal fashion advisor.  Since she's basically around me 24/7, she seems to think she is my shadow.  My super-skinny, short shadow. I do love how she follows me around and "helps" clean, though.
    Today my miniature (ok, so she has her daddy's green eyes) was inside a dressing room with me.  I don't go into dressing rooms often because I can usually tell how an article of clothing will fit me by how it looks on a hanger.  As we entered the room, I told Amber what I was doing.  She decided that she too wanted to try this item on.  A usual "mother-daughter" argument ensued: "I wanna try it on, too!", "No, I'M trying it on!", "I take my clothes off too!", "No, it's for Mommy!", "It's too small for you!"  That last phrase is something women don't usually like hearing.  Especially from younger, prettier females.  Her head almost came off that day.  Maybe one day she'll remember this situation.  Or not.  Or, maybe she'll remember how she refused to put her shirt back on (yes, I was wearing mine), and walked out into the cold with her coat opened (yeah, like I was gonna zip it after that comment).
    Does anyone know how much three-year-olds sell for these days??

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