Friday, February 24, 2012

Too Blonde? Or Too Blind??

     Ok, so this story has us laughing so hard that we can't even see straight.  I know it's not fair (or nice) that we are laughing at our child's expense, so I'm going to try to describe the scenario to you as best as I can so that you too may laugh at our child's expense.
    We were leaving a mall as a family.  We don't have one in our town, so we have to travel a few hours to find one.  One of the magical things about malls that the children enjoy is the handicap buttons that summon the doors to open.  Usually this is Josiah's domain.  This time, however, he acquiesced so that he could push the stroller.  Apparently, where there's a void (rational or not), someone will fill it.  This person was Amber.  She filled the button-pushing void (and the world righted itself).
    As we went into to the mall, we realized that the inside door was not cooperating with the electrical system and had to be manually pushed open (oh, the arm strength we had to muster....)
   When we were exiting the mall, Amber forgot this small detail.  She pushed the inside button.  The door to the outside world opened, but the door to the door-that-leads-to-the-outside-world did not.  Regardless, she became very excited and ran (yes, ran)smack into the clear window NEXT to the closed door (we're still trying to figure out how she missed the actual door {even though it was closed}).  Some poor man following us promptly turned around and walked away after Amber bounced off the plexiglass.  I'm pretty sure he was laughing the entire time, too.
     Too add insult to injury (or just more injury), we were laughing so hard on our way to the van that JR could barely see when he lifted the tailgate.  Apparently, Amber couldn't see either.....The hatch caught her in the head as it rose up.  Poor kid....We laughed even more....

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