Monday, February 13, 2012

I Run. I Like It.

    Four miles.  That's how far I ran yesterday without stopping.  A year ago, I could barely run one-tenth of a mile without stopping.  I have what is now known as EIB (formerly sports-induced asthma).  EIB is a fancy acronym for "Exercise Induced Bronchitis".  I'm not too sure what the difference in diagnosis is....all I know is that the slightest cardio activity literally takes my breath away and I start wheezing.
   I was diagnosed in highschool and after using inhalers, discovered that they didn't seem to help me at all.  What helped was pushing myself.  Running until I couldn't breathe.  The farther I pushed myself, the farther I could go until I couldn't breathe anymore.  When I started running again after Malachi was born I felt like I was starting all over again since the pneumonia I had last winter really did a number on my lungs.
   I'm not the fastest runner.  I'm not even good at it.  I just do it (and people point and say, "look, there's that crazy blonde that thinks she can run").  Hitting the four-mile mark was actually a fluke.  I knew I could pump out three miles, and so I did this trail in town last week that I thought was only three.  It turned out to be 3.86.  Almost an extra mile, and I ran the entire way.
   I've built up my mileage and stamina by running until I couldn't breathe, the walked until I could, then picked up running until I couldn't, then walking.....ect. Oh...did I mention the altitude factor? We live about 7500 feet above sea level, so I'm sure that fact is not working in my favor.
    Yesterday, I had to beat a storm that was coming.  From where I live, I could see the ominous clouds gliding over the mountains towards us.  And then the sun came out.  I knew then that I had enough time to complete my run because the sun was out in Poncha, and I was driving a few miles east into Salida (ultimately the trail I took led me towards the oncoming storm-not so smart) so I knew that I had time.  And....then I got to the trail.... Clouds I couldn't see from my previous vantage point hovered near it while the sun was seemed so far away, opposite it.  Bummer.  So I ran anyway.  Into the wind.  The crazy blonde with a purple hat, ear warmers, sunglasses (so my contacts don't dry up and fall out), hunter-orange jacket, track pants and my running shoes.   After a few minutes I wondered about this odd duck-like sound that I was hearing before realizing that it was coming from my chest every time I sucked air in.  After a while (and after some flegm came up) it dissappeared.  Stupid EIB. 
     So I ran. Two miles in, and two again.  After I turned around on my journey, the wind seemed to halt for about half a mile, then it picked up again.  Towards me.  Usually, if you head into the wind, then turn around, it's at your back, not front.  Oh, well.
     Finally (after adding .2 miles to make up the missing .14 from a 4 mile journey) I made it to my imaginary finish line.  And I could breathe.

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